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Why Do Some Black Women Like White or Latino Men?

By Blackdatingapps.com | on 18 April 2018

Perhaps this is an invasive question to ask—it does seem as if we all simply like what we like, and no explanation is required. Oftentimes when we talk about an interracial romance, we are referring to the attraction between a black man and white woman. However, there are many black woman that actually prefer dating white or Latino men. Is there a reason for this beyond personal preference?

Why the Attraction?

Some believe the attraction may be related to genetics, or perhaps evolutionary theory; the one that suggests that we seek out partners that would help us produce children that can thrive in the world. We want partners that exhibit strength, intelligence, prosperity, social skills and other important attributes.

However, others believe that curiosity about how the other side lives is all there really is to it. There is also the theory suggesting that environmentally speaking, black women are just inclined to go after men who appreciate them. With the popularity of interracial marriage in the modern era, there are fewer black men available. Some black men exclusively date white or Latina women. This leaves black women with a choice…either work harder for the attention of successful black men or simply go with a guy that will appreciate you for who you are…

Namely, whites, Latinos and Asians who love dating black women! It also helps that Hollywood and other entertainment mediums are giving lots of attention to black women dating white or Hispanic men as of late. It's trendy and it's fun!

When you're single, it's helpful to experiment with different types of relationships and dates so that you can determine what you want and don't want. Just because you know you like someone of a different color, still doesn't say much about personality type, lifestyle, or shared values. Real relationships require more than just physical attraction! And noticing someone of the race you like is just the beginning!

What Are the Challenges of Dating a Black Woman?

Sometime there can be challenges to overcome, namely in the area of meeting your partner's family and adjusting to people's perceptions of the relationship. Some family members and friends might be nervous about the relationship and there is sometimes a feeling of "the elephant in the room"…everyone wants to say something but holds their tongue because they don't want to offend the happy couple.

Handle these situations with maturity and wit. Don't get riled up if people are just confused, or protective of their sons or daughters, or just intrigued by your choice in partners. Respond firmly (don't apologize for who you are or who you like) but use good tact and humor.

Overall, if you are dating a black woman and feel a strong attraction, you are sure to have a lot of fun. Black women tend to be educated, ambitious and yet very intuitive to what a man is thinking. They're playful, fun and yet oftentimes very concerned about social issues and helping people in need.

Now it's true that not every black woman a man meets is going to be a million dollar catch, so to speak. Just because you might feel an attraction physically doesn't necessarily mean you will be on the same wave length mentally. This is why dates highlighting conversation are so much more meaningful than dates that promote adrenaline (theme parks, movies, concerts, etc.).

Get to know the person and see if you're a match inside as well as on the outside.