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Why Do Black Men Like Spanish Women for Interracial Marriage?

By Blackdatingapps.com | on 26 September 2017

Black men are oftentimes attracted to white women and, sometimes even more so, attracted to Latina or Spanish women. Is there a specific reason for this? Is it a genetic preference, a cultural preference, or just a mystery that will never be solved?

Why the Attraction?

The truth is it could be a number of factors. For example, some black men are attracted to white or Latina women, solely because he is not interested in dating a black woman. Some people believe this attraction comes from a subconscious desire to improve genetics and health for the next generation. A black man and black woman together doesn't have the evolutionary advantages of a black man and Latina woman, who are more diverse, and who will complement each other.

Another common belief is that it's just curiosity of a different race and possibly a lifestyle as well. Sometimes among Spanish families, one finds religious traditions, a strong family unity, and of course a very unique cuisine. Some black men will "fall in love" with the culture, as well as with an attractive Latina. They love the food, they love the traditions, they love old Mexico and Spain, and they just adore being part of a new lifestyle!

Some men may date Latina women because it's trendy in Hollywood. With sex symbols like Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek and others, many black men may fantasize about dating someone a little more "exotic" than a white woman. Some guys might also believe that Latina women (who tend to be thicker than white women) have a tighter and bigger butt – a definite plus!

Some black men just like Spanish women because of their skin tone, their unique smell, or the sexy way they talk. Other theories abound; maybe black women like Latinas because Latinas send the signals first. Many Spanish women grew up with social taboos about dating black men and so now they have a stronger urge to experiment and experience a bit of forbidden fruit.

Men are also attracted high self-confidence and a nurturing feminine presence—and this is precisely what Latinas bring to the table! They are feisty and self-assured, but once they commit to a man they are very supportive and empathetic.

Is It Controversial for Black Men to Date Spanish Women?

Strangely enough, a black man dating a Latina woman is not as controversial as a black and white coupling. The reason could be that Latinos are not perceived as purely white, whereas older racist generations were mainly concerned with non-whites infiltrating their bloodlines and affecting their future offspring. Therefore, they didn't care that Spanish and African Americans were mating…they just wanted to preserve their eugenically pure bloodline by keeping whites with whites.

Ironically, most Americans are not "pure" white but are a multi-generational mix of English, Irish, Spanish, French, Asian, Native American, and various other races and ethnicities. Just because a person looks white certainly doesn't mean that they are "pure white".

We are truly just one race—the human race. Let's not forget that interracial dating is a beautiful thing because it allows us to improve upon genetic diversity and help create children who are truly unique and beautiful.