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Celebrity Black and White Dating and Why It's Helpful

By Blackdatingapps.com | on 25 September 2017

You might think it's "trendy" to be a black and white couple—you know thanks to famous interracial couples like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. While they may be the most well known black and white couple of the modern era, let's not forget some of the other steamy couplings that remind us all just how much fun young love is.

Our Favorite Celebrity Couples in Hollywood

Who could forget Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel? How about Paula Patton and Robin Thicke? Or our favorite, Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery? Even if you look beyond hot couples romantically dating…you can actually find several long-term marriages of black and white couples that will fill you with hope.

For example, Serena Williams and Hank Kuehn have been dating since 2007. South Park creator Matt Stone married Angela Howard. Ice T and Coco are a long-term couple, as is and Keenan Ivory Wayans and Brittany Daniel. Even George Lucas of all people is dating Mellody Hobson. Last but not least, how can anyone forget film critic Roger Ebert and his long-suffering and very much in love wife, Chaz?

You might also remember that there are many hot actors making movies today that are half black and half white, coming from interracial parents. Actors like Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Derek Jeter, Rashida Jones, Vin Diesel, Mariah Carey, Maya Rudolph, and Nicole Richie are among an A-list group of stars that are multiracial with a black parent. Hollywood welcomes racial and ethnic diversity and it's one of the few things they get right!

Why Is It Helpful?

While one can easily fault the media for so many problems and warped perspectives, this is one they get right. The media, by hyper focusing on sexy couples without drawing attention to their race, helps to demystify interracial romance. It helps people to see that most of society is happy for them. It's about embracing diversity and having the courage to be yourself and follow your heart.

The world has truly changed since the 1950s and 1960s. While not everyone is satisfied, and you still get the usual racist comment or attitude, by in large most people are okay with interracial romance. Most families would welcome a son-in-law or daughter-in-law with open arms.

Tips on How to Find a Date You Really Like

Lastly, don't be so easily impressed JUST because you find a partner that makes you weak at the knee. Physical lust comes and goes but if you're interested in a serious relationship – one where you emotionally connect – spend some time getting to know the person.

By talking about issues close to your heart, and not JUST flirting all the time, you will get to know a person intimately as well as physically. You can bond with them and confide in each other all your thoughts, feelings, dreams and ambitions. It's a wonderful relationship built on honesty and good communication.

That's the interracial relationship you want because then your attraction is ongoing and never has to end!