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By Blackdatingapps.com | on 25 September 2017

While black women white men dating are more common every single day, there are still plenty things that your white boyfriend may not understand yet about some of your culture or way of life. And there are plenty of things he'll be curious about, and that you'll probably need to explain. After all, he didn't grow up black.


Let's take your hair, for example. Who hasn't had that conversation with a white guy yet? And who hasn't had an annoying white guy (or any white person, for that matter) try to touch it?

Black hair is such an interesting topic, with so much background and history, and probably very different if you weren't brought up around that. How you care for it, how much money you DO spend on it, how often you wash it… the fact that one day it's straighter than straight and natural the next - everything about your hair will likely be new. So, just take some time to talk if he has questions. And remind him – no touching.


Black families aren't all about blood. There are uncles that aren't really even related to you. They aren't necessarily the traditional nuclear family, and just give him a heads up about that. White people probably never call anyone non-related ''uncle'', ''brother'' or ''cousin''.


Your habits. Where you shop, how you shop… it's probably way different than what he's used to. Black women aren't always represented in the retail clothing world, and unfortunately can't shop just anywhere. They also make more frequent visits to malls and they also spend more on their hair than any other race.


Yeah, we're in the 21st century here, but there is always someone who isn't going to like the fact that a black woman is dating a white man. There will be stares and comments. But, we're not still living in the past. You can make your own choices, because only you can realize what is good for you.

Some Crazy Crap

Now, it won't be just from him, but other people are going to get involved, and you FOR SURE are going to get some questions that just blow your mind. ''Are you racist towards your own kind?'' ''He has a fetish, or what?'' ''Oh so you're a coconut?'' ''Do his parents like you?'' People will always be full of ignorant feelings and questions. That's why there have been so many problems historically between races.

Just realize that for the moment, it's unavoidable. And keep in mind that while some of the things you're going to have to explain to your boyfriend (or to other ignorant people) may seem trivial, everyone – even from the same race or culture – has very different life experiences. If they're just rude, stay calm and remind them to leave your personal life alone. And if it's him, just stay calm, learn to laugh, and remind him – he doesn't get to just touch your hair.